What a mind-body trying to tell you – English – October 2007

What is Your Body-Mind-Soul System Trying to Tell You?

By Liat (Scheffer) Ben Yakov, MBA,CST

 Body-Mind-Energy Balancing is the core of every holistic therapy. It is based on the understanding that there is neither separation nor boundaries between body, mind and energy (soul).

Each and every organ and system has its own specific function, not only physical but emotional and spiritual as well. Happiness, health, satisfaction, knowledge and prosperity can not reach their full potential without the understanding and the balancing of the entire system.

 Life brings about different types of stressful situations, unpleasant experiences, and traumas which leave their marks on our body, creating negative feelings and wrong insights on ourselves and the world around us.

We all have repressed feelings and emotions caused by experiences we had as embryos, babies, children and even as adults. In order to repress we contract our muscles, which causes disruptions in the circulatory system. These contractions create stress in our body, pain and diseases – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; accumulated for years without our control and usually even without our knowledge.

Individuals usually react only when they begin to experience pain or disease. Unfortunately they then seek treatment which is typically symptomatic – medication or even surgery, unaware of the fact that the symptoms were valuable signals.

For most of us it is easy to understand that when embarrassed we blush, our cheeks become red and our pulse increases; when scared we start to sweat, our muscles get tense and our heart beats faster; bad news can paralyze us and excitement raises adrenalin levels in our body. Nonetheless, we find it hard to believe that loneliness, sadness and dissatisfaction can also be expressed as physical symptoms.

The objective of holistic treatment is to find the primary reasons which created the symptoms and effectively treat them by reactivating the client’s natural ability to heal and prosper, enhance his/ her physical, emotional and spiritual health and balance. And provide them  tools they can apply in real life.

Liat Ben Yakov

is an Integrative Holistic Therapist with an MBA in Economics and a 4 year full time training program from Reidman International College in affiliation with IPSB U.S.A. Reidman college is the largest and oldest school for alternative medicine in Israel.

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